Todd duncan business plan

Will you use me again? What loans have action on them today? Say Thank You And make your thank you huge and memorable! The next day, I got an overnight FedEx and inside was a 5-page thank you letter.

Loan officers are locked in the grip of fear when if comes to prospecting. It must have all documents needed to support qualifying for the loan. What if you have of those buyers? On this call you are confirming the closing date, location, directions, loan terms, final needs, HUD and all the essentials that a borrower needs to know to make closing smooth.

As you continue reading, you will see how to do this. There is not a loan officer on the planet that would not get more loans if he were consistent about asking these questions. When you ask the right questions you get the insight to what the prospect needs from you for their business to operate at a higher level.

You cannot have strategic partnerships unless you guys are talking about strategy. Assuming you are implementing the rest of the tips shared with you so far, the pre-closing review is a natural extension of your commitment to quality and service.

The perfect pipeline management system is the one that eliminates all inbound calls from all parties to a transaction for the duration of the processing and closing of the loan. I have found the best way to do this is through one to one relationships, where the referral is strong to you, the conversion is high and the ROI is maximized.

Make your thank you as memorable as you can and business will always flow your way. It must have a cover letter to let processing and underwriting see what the Loan Officer sees. One annual review b. Todd began his loan origination career at the age of twenty-three and he quickly learned what it takes to succeed amidst the rising pressures and incessant temptations of the marketplace.

I recently interviewed Harvey McKay who without doubt is one of the best business writers of our time. His ongoing discoveries continue to be synthesized into compelling resources for living in a meaningful, enriching, and profitable way.

Like Peter Drucker, Dale Carnegie, and Bill Gates, Todd became an innovator who transformed his industry and improved the lives of millions. Pre-closing Reviews This is one of the best strategies ever invented in terms of loan file efficiency and eliminating problems at closing.

Obviously these rise above the cubes and people for the next days the bouquet is there ask about congrats and you did it. Because they have not achieved greatness in the area of making sales calls.

And I must tell you that loan was approved and cleared to close within days with no additional items needed by me to clear it. The single most important thing I would do if were in business today would be this — everything success, rises and falls on your efficiency.

And to add a touch more value to this idea, always remember that bad loans will always get worse and good loans will rarely get better.

Weekly pipeline review meeting with team at 2:Todd’s Story. BOOKS Buy Now. COACHING Learn More. BOOK TODD Book Now. CONTENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. Name. Name.


Email. TODD DUNCAN TV. You Can’t Manage Time. Episode 25 Read More. The Exceptional Mindset of High-Performers. Episode 24 Read More. Your Journal is Your Journey. Episode 23 Read.

Over the past two decades Todd Duncan has built a respected enterprise while continuing to observe and study the lives of achievers who thrive on and off the job.

Business success starts with a plan. Getting started can be overwhelming, so we've created a simple one page business plan document to get you started!

Testimonials. The High Trust Interview "The single most overlooked sales skill by loan officers is intentionally creating trust by conducting an effective client interview." Todd Duncan Interviewing is the most critical part of the sales process.

The only way you can get someone to do business with you is to build their trust in you. The only way to gain. 10 Steps to Build Your Pipeline & Close More Loans. Published on Operate From a Plan. Over the past two decades Todd Duncan has built a respected enterprise while continuing to observe and.

Jan 09,  · Jump start with a well-tuned business plan to drive peak performance throughout the year. Learn from the Best and Kick-off with Todd Duncan - High Trust Selling + Mortgage Coach = Record.

Todd duncan business plan
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