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The building was equipped with a fire alarm; however it was not connected to a Rhode island nightclub fire incident essay fire department alarm office.

So the building had the equipment, but no one knew where it was. Following the recommendations provided by this taskforce, the Fire Safety Code of the State of Rhode Island was significantly amended by the Comprehensive Fire safety Act of There are numerous building and fire codes that would have reduced the number of fatalities could they have been implemented.

If the West Warwick Fire Department did their inspection they would have noticed that the owner is not up to codes and regulations on the sprinkler systems in a public occupancy. This implies that the occupancy or the building exceeded the regulatory requirements since the floor area was smaller relative to the number of patrons inside the club.

These provisions are also contained in the NFPA code section These codes were adopted a few years later to apply to other buildings such as nightclubs. The owner of the Station Nightclub failed to comply with the regulations, which resulted in such dramatic incident in the history of U.

NIST report studies showed that one third of the people escaped through the windows and the sun room. Many restorations and repairs were made to the building since the time of construction by different owners to fulfill their business needs. The tentative interim amendment TIA approved in July a requirement that sprinklers be fitted in existing nightclub facilities venues having more than occupant load.

This paper also discusses the effects of the fire incident on structural requirements of nightclubs, especially the painting or obstruction of windows and other emergency exit requirements.

However, the door to exit number 2 was fitted with a panic hardware. As discussed in the previous section, there were a number of factors that exacerbated the tragedy including lack of fire suppression equipment, but perhaps what contributed to the high number of deaths were lack of efficient exit system which would have facilitated rapid evacuation of the revelers trapped inside the facility.

Occupation Load The models existing before the fire incident computed occupant load limits based on the floor area and egress capacity. The nightclub building was significantly aged since it was built in and had undergone several remodels and renovations as it changed ownership.

The interior finishing of the building had wood paneling, painted gypsum, bead board, wafer board and ceramic tiles. The fire area should be greater than 12, ft2 The occupant load should be greater than persons, and The fire area should be located on other than the floor exit discharge.

During the period, egress windows were actually a hot topic for discussion. The building had only four doors; a front main door, a bar side exit door, a platform exit door, and a kitchen exit door.

As part of their show, the band had a tendency of including pyrotechnic devices.

The amendments mainly dealt with sprinklers, crowd management, occupancy levels and means of egress. IBC Section requires that new constructions under group A-2 must be protected by automatic sprinkler ids any of the following requirements are exceeded: One of the exists was in the kitchen area, probably only known to the employees.

The emergency escape windows would have allowed the victims to rush outside and prevent massive deaths. A research was conducted on fire protection systems that had been installed by the nightclub before the fateful night and included in the report filed by the national Institute of Standards and Technology NIST.

The third door was also situated on the eastern wing of the structure, while the fourth one was fitted in the kitchen, but only the employees of the club were aware of this exit point. After only half a minute into their performance, the pyrotechnics ignited the sound insulation polyurethane foam that was around the stage.

From all of the investigations made by NIST and NFPA reports, they concluded that by adapting to the additional changes to model codes and regulations, most importantly making them known and strictly enforcing them, the safety of the public occupancies can be strengthened. All exit door on the building exceeded 0.

The Station Nightclub building did not have an automatic sprinkler system Leonard, Exits The model codes provided for the measurements, location and operation of exit points before the tragedy struck.

This section shall compare the codes that existed prior to the fire incident and those that were developed as a result of the tragedy. Back in that period of time, sprinkler systems were not cost effective and technology was evolving.

It was easily ignited and also contributed to a faster fire spread within the building. On the fateful night, the Great White band was in attendance and was warming up for a live performance.

The ignition of polyurethane foam gave out a magnitude of smoke and heat in such a short period of time and created mass chaos, thus resulting in a crowd-wide panic towards the initial entry point.

The Station Nightclub Fire West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Similarly, a number of recommendations and proposals for changes to existing codes were submitted to the International Code Council ICC during its September public hearing. Patrons would enter the club through the main entrance that was located on the northern side of the building.

As such, the paper evaluates if the effects of the incident on live performances, especially with the use of pyrotechnics were permanent and whether it resulted in development of legal codes to be applied by such joints.

However, there were still other codes developed after the fire incidence to strengthen the existing model codes and prevent such tragedies from occurring over and again. West Warwick Fire Department operates out of four stations with a total of four engines, one ladder truck, two ambulances, and one special hazards unit.

The building of the Station Nightclub was constructed in approximately Approximately people were killed in the inferno, over 50 were injured during the stampede while over escaped with minor injuries.The nightclub, is an aged small wood structure in Rhode Island.

The club is reported to have a capacity of people. On February 20thmore then fans packed into the small club to see a band. Although there are discrepancies between reports of how many people were in attendance, it is. Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Incident Essay examples The nightclub, is an aged small wood structure in Rhode Island.

The club is reported to have a capacity of people. Rhode Island Nightclub Fire Incident Essay - The nightclub, is an aged small wood structure in Rhode Island. The club is reported to have a capacity of people. A terrible tragedy occurred on 20 February at the Station Nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

The fire that gutted down the whole building was said to have been caused by the use of unapproved pyrotechnics, which were used as part of a show put on by the Great White band. Global Warming Essay – Introduction, Short Essay For.

Free Essay: The nightclub, is an aged small wood structure in Rhode Island. The club is reported to have a capacity of people. On February 20th Free Essay: The Station Nightclub Fire West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Words Oct 5th, 6 Pages. The Station Nightclub Fire West Warwick, Rhode Island. The Local, State and Federal agencies were called to investigate the Station Nightclub fire incident and they found many issues.

The polyurethane foam that was on the interior walls.

Rhode island nightclub fire incident essay
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