Online references for business writing

Citation and Style Guides These guides will help ensure you stick to certain styles when writing and correctly cite your sources. Those pursuing a career in technical writing can find all kinds of useful resources and tools for both writing and career building here.

Avoid ending subheadings with periods. Why pay for Microsoft products when you can create free documents with Open Office? For subtitles, end the title line with a colon and place the subtitle on the line below the title. Grammar Girl is one of the most popular grammar sites on the web and is a great place to look for answers to all of your burning questions about proper usage.

Wall Street Journal links to the articles concerning politics, the world, sports, and international format of the paper. Information and Data These resources can help you to better research a story, offering access to a wide range of data, information, and primary resources.

It will give you lists of related words. Guide to Grammar and Style: Some items focus on Canada, some on the U.

A blocked quotation must always begin a new line.

Reference Tools

The titles of most poems should be enclosed in double quotation marks, but the titles of very long poems should be italicized. It quotes excerpts from printed material over the centuries to show how meanings have developed.

Guide to Grammar and Writing: The Hypertext Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides a somewhat more efficient though less interesting way of looking up words and then navigating around synonyms and alternatives.

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Legal Guide for Bloggers: This blog provides information that can help turn your blog into the prime marketing tool you need for your writing business. Whether you do or not, these are some solid style rules for any journalistic writing. The University of Ottawa offers up a one-stop guide for proper spelling, structure, and punctuation on this site.

A blocked quotation does not get enclosed in quotation marks. You can go wrong when you use any of the classic persuasive writing techniques laid out in this Copyblogger post. In Flowers of Freedom: The Online Writing Guide offered by Purdue University is home to handouts and exercises on topics like effective writing, revising, editing, and proofreading, as well as other genre-specific resources.

Major Paper Sections Title Page According to Turabian style, class papers will either include a title page or include the title on the first page of the text.

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AutoCrit automatically identifies weak words and structures in your writing so you can clean it up. Use this free service to learn if anyone has plagiarized your work.

A division of the Media Management Center at Northwestern, The Readership Institute addresses research on how media can build readership, improve training for writers, and develop best practices for the journalism industry.

Their website is a great place to keep up with some of the best investigative journalism.For the Category of Communications (Business Writing): To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may want to review some related topics, available from the link below.

Each of the related topics includes free, online resources. These tools can help you to create a freelance writing business, Wikipedia can be a great way to get basic information and find out where to look for additional references. The Online Writing Guide offered by Purdue University is home to handouts and exercises on topics like effective writing.

What is a business reference, when references are provided, and examples of business reference letters recommending the services provided by a company. Personal Reference Letter Samples and Writing Tips. Here Is a Professional Reference Letter Sample and What to Include.

Telecommunications, customer service, online references, and a host of other real-world topics connect directly to activities and exercises in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, word division, and sentence writing/revising.

The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on both on the references page and in shortened form (up to four keywords from that title) in parenthetical citations throughout the text.

Business Writing for Administrative and Clerical Staff. Introduction. The range of writing-related reference tools available online continues to grow. Here are some of the most helpful: The Oxford English Dictionary is the biggest and most inclusive guide to the ways words are actually used in written English.

Online references for business writing
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