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To make the Nudist photo essay geographically diverse, photographer Matt Blum and editor Katy Kessler have traveled all throughout South America and Europe coordinating shoots with local women to include on the website. It is incredibly brave to be so vulnerable in front of another person, especially when that person holds a camera that will share the image of your body with the world.

I felt as a Mormon woman myself, I needed to show them that I have that same Nudist photo essay, so I turned the camera around. It experiences pleasure and pain. Inthe Nu Project published a book collection of their favorite images over the past seven years available on Amazon.

Like many of us, I should move more often and eat less sugar.

I am not a slut. With the birth of my twins last fall, something very deep was healed inside of me. The Nu Project is an online archive of nude photos of ordinary women around the world.

It is soft and firm. I am not afraid to look like a woman, and I am not afraid to acknowledge the power that emanates from female sexuality. The entire project is volunteer based: Women happily pose baring their cellulite, their tan lines, their belly creases as they laugh.

Body shaming is a particularly favorite rock when stoning the proverbial harlot. Thanks mostly to excellent parenting, I grew up with a fairly healthy body image and sense of self. According to Matt Blum, the photographer behind the project, women volunteer for a variety of a reasons: The only commonality between all participants is that they have the openness and trust to welcome Matt into their home to do his art.

Viewing the images is free and the online galleries reach 2. The insidious idea that by keeping my daughter I had somehow forfeited the right to other children was deeply rooted and long-lasting. I have disappointed my Savior. It has birthed two babies without drugs.

Katrina When I set out to do this project, I knew I was asking a lot of the women who would be a part of it. But he also believes some ideas are common everywhere: It makes you a little more vulnerable and so allows you to connect with others a little bit quicker.

To have my fertility used against me, made into a sin, is one of the greatest wrongs I have had to weather. And it is mine. It has scars and stretch marks. And through these simple depictions, the project makes viewers reconsider what deserves to be captured in a photo, what deserves to be displayed and proudly shared for the world to see.

But over the last ten years, Matt and his wife Kat Kessler have built something that has become both an artistic, captivating collection of photography and a project making bold statements about body-positivity and self-love.

Through working on the project, Matt has noticed differences in perspectives from women in different areas of the world.

ArtPhotography From a culture that teaches us that we belong to men, to God, and to the society that objectifies us, this is my photo essay of the brave women who have undergone a personal transformation on the way they view the world, and more importantly- themselves.

This is what some people see.Photo Essay This photographer takes nude photos of “ordinary” women around the world. The effect? Self-love.

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Mormon Women Bare: A Nude Photo Essay

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