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His father, like most of the men of the town, was a coal miner, and died when Bill, the youngest of six children, was thirteen. Luck played a factor when his demo tape was heard by Clarence Avant of Sussex Records, a typical independent label of the day.

He has discussed it in many interviews, including the one in the booklet. Joe Clark - Morgan Freeman Dr.

Short shrift is given to those around him who have little or no shading, with the one exception being that of vulnerable and good student Keneesha Carter Karen Malina White.

Much of this came from his background. Not every single is here but all the important ones are and the album tracks chosen are really good. Jones of Booker T and the M. It naturally makes a person a bit solitary, introverted and often mistaken for being stupid. Bill wrote all of his songs sometimes with others but mostly notmusic and lyrics, and knew instinctively that his voice was the thing and so usually was accompanied by his own acoustic guitar, bass, an electric guitar that was never too loud, a piano and sometimes an organ, especially in the funk numbers like Use Me.

Another lucky thing was that the producer he was given at Sussex was none other than Booker T. Others questioned his severity — even megalomania — in dealing with what appears to have been an out-of-control student population and a staff unable to deal with it.

Bill had a pronounced stutter until he was nearly thirty, which affected his life growing up tremendously. Produced by Normal Twain. Freeman embodies all the purported strengths of the real-life Clark and gives an uncompromising and oftentimes not very sympathetic portrayal of an individual that few ever could get close to but many could admire.

But he was unique and he and his songs will be remembered for a long time. But as Bill said in an interview, his being over thirty when the whole thing started meant he was already who he was and not some kid just coming up in the world. He eventually overcame it though and overall it strengthened him and made him more independent than many others.

Other tech credits are fine. Frank Napier - Robert Guillaume Ms. He used the Navy as an escape vehicle and stayed in it nine years, a time he felt he extended because of the stutter.

Lean on Me Production:Toronto Film Review: Elle Fanning in 'Teen Spirit' Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” is actually the weakest number, however, even though it is the title track.

A school assembly where the. Avildsen's enthusiastic direction gives Lean on Me a heartwarming, feel-good tone that is accessible beyond the environs of its subject. Full Review. Polly M. Robertus Common Sense Media. Mar 03,  · Joe Clark is a real man who really did whip a New Jersey high school into shape.

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I know this because I have been told it a dozen times in the past week by people who think that explains the behavior of "Joe Clark," the hero of "Lean on Me." But "Lean on Me" is not a documentary about the real Joe Clark.

It is a fiction film about a character who is so troubled, obsessed and angry that the film /5. Lien On Me, Inc.

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Specializing in Medical Bill Review &. Mar 03,  · I wouldn't recommend Lean on Me anywhere near as much if it had another actor in the lead.

Morgan Freeman owns the role of Principal Joe Clark so well that it might just be, over-the-top bits and all, one of his most commanding screen performances.

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Lean on me a review of
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