Hsm 230 week 4 wisdom and action scenario

What is your moral responsibility as a leader?

Incorporate your personal values and the particular ethics of your chosen field into that moral vision. What was the outcome? What structures or systems will you put in place for oversight?

How will these values inspire action and influence behavior? How will the law affect day-to-day operations within human service organizations? Introduction Description of the organization: For question 1, be sure to support your decision by addressing at least 5 of the bulleted questions listed on p.

Did you feel free to voice your opinion, or did you feel pressure to conform to the group? Questions and Applications on pp.

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What are the potential ramifications to clients and the organization if the law is not followed? How will you develop and maintain organizational culture as a leader? If you do not have a personal example, you may describe the experience of someone you know, or a situation you witnessed.

What reliable resources are available to learn about the implications of this law? What type of culture do you plan to foster and how? Who was impacted by your decision? HSM Week 8 Lobbying Congress For this exercise, the instructor will divide the class into two clusters for a debate about regulatory issues in human services.

What is the purpose or rationale of the law? HSM Week 7 Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 You have just been appointed the director of a new human service organization a behavioral health clinic, for example. Possible topics include Medicare, Medicaid, pregnancy and family planning agencies, patient privacy, and privatization.

Post a to word response describing an emerging issue or controversy in the field of human services. How is it related to the mission and values of the organization? What approach to leadership will you take?

Describe an ethical decision that you had to make in your personal or professional life. What does it tell you about the relationship between law and ethics? How does the code inspire a tangible outcome from employees? Who is the clientele? What message does the mission statement send to the community?

Expand and incorporate feedback from Building an Ethical Organization Part 1. What services does the organization provide?

What ethical dilemmas does this issue pose?

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Develop a moral vision or road map that would guide you as a human service leader. How will the mission statement support the ethical system?

HSM 230 UOP Homework,HSM 230 UOP Tutorial,HSM 230 UOP Assignment,HSM 230 UOP Course Guide

The Con-Lobbyists will argue that a highly regulated environment makes human service delivery too complex and bureaucratic, reducing the quality of care to clients.

As a leader in a human service organization, how would you respond to this issue? As the director, one of your first tasks is to draft a mission statement and a values statement for your organization.

What values led you to make your decision? Think about your guiding principles, plans for the future, and what you hope to achieve as a leader when creating your moral vision.

Is it a for-profit or non-profit organization? What factors did you have to consider?HSM Week 4 Wisdom and Action Scenario Resource: Questions and Applications on pp. in Ch. 7 of the Ethical Leadership in Human Services text Post a to word response to questions of the Questions and Applications section on pp.

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Hsm 230 week 4 wisdom and action scenario
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