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Again, the justification for these banking regulations was that a select few banks were essential to the financial infrastructure of the United States and things would have been worse if they had been allowed to fail. With the election to the U.

Read about the bodies protecting your bank deposits in Bank Failure: Federal regulators seem to think so, despite the fact that the process by which banks are allowed to fail is also unfair and induces risky behavior as well. According to an interview of prominent politicians that worked on the TARP committee, they claimed that saving the major banks was an inevitable choice: The Hoover Dam was built.

This economy depends heavily on lending to finance many expenditures of the business community, including: Many economists say no; bythe U.

Total loan defaults ran into the billions of dollars. However, the federal protection of major banks also means that there is less accountability for risky investments. If banking centers closed and people lost their insured money, more problems would arise.

Because of bad debt that could not be repaid through loans and investments, banks found themselves in a situation where they did not have enough cash assets in order to continue with normal business operations.

Stiglitz remarked that banking infrastructure in the United States was operating with roughly two to three trillion dollars of bad debt that needed to be accounted for.

Unfortunately, financial institutions play such an integral role in making sure that the economy stays afloat.

This lack of liquidity forced the federal government to supply a cash infusion of funds so that the major ones could still operate without declaring bankruptcy.

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Moreover, the government did not have a choice if it wanted to preserve the financial sector: The newly-created government agency purchased defaulted mortgages from banks and refinanced them at lower rates. Old roads and bridges were repaired; new roads and bridges were built where needed.

With steady income, the re-employed millions began purchasing again, and the economy began to lurch forward in fits and starts, but it was not yet back to previous levels of vitality.

New post office buildings were constructed around the country. Freddie Mac, created in to market mortgages offered by federal savings and loan institutions, was also eventually permitted to sell shares to the public in an arrangement with the government similar to that of Fannie Mae. When these loans became delinquent or defaulted, Fannie and Freddie sank deeper into financial trouble, and eventually the government had to bail them out.

Flush with funds, numerous savings and loan institutions ventured into commercial real estate. Despite the fact that many banks made terrible business decisions and over-extended their assets, they were still eligible for protection.

For more on this, read Money Market: Public Broadcasting Service, http: The underlying premise of the American economy is that it works on the basis of competition and the risk of failure. Global financial crisis of onwards warranted a massive shift in the ways in which governments interacted with their domestic economy Massive government bailout of major banks led to a partial restoration of the economic situation under the guise of "too big to fail" Understanding the government bailouts The global finance market has made headlines for the last five years due to major economic problems in America and the overwhelming amount of money that federal governments have had to dish out in order to make sure that major banks do not fail.

The Treasury will also print additional currency, in an amount not yet determined, to help cover costs. Yet the subprime mortgage disaster of caused the giant investment bank and brokerage firm, with billions of dollars in assets, to collapse.

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Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Their risky investment behaviors also fell in line with Wall Street mentalities that pursuing profit and exceeding expectations was the norm.

A major problem was that so many banks needed to be bailed out in These debts would include: The federal government regulates all banks and thus has a major role in ensuring that it does what is necessary to keep major banks in business. When Fannie Mae became a private enterprise inits charter permitted it to sell shares to public investors, who assumed that it had government backing.

Eventually, countless Americans who had lost their jobs lost their homes as well, and the homeless population of the country, especially in urban areas, grew accordingly.

For instance, Viral Acharya and Tanju Yorulmazer, both prominent banking figures, argued that the banking crisis was a zero-sum game where for some major banks to win, many smaller ones had to lose and get acquired.

Bear Stearns Founded inBear Stearns flourished through the stock market crash of and the Great Depression. Should they be allowed to fail?The Government Bailout Saved the Automobile Industry Essays; The Government Bailout Saved the Automobile Industry Essays.

Words 11 Pages. Government Bailout for Corporate Failures Essay Words | 6 Pages. banks, industrial companies and other organizations.

Essay on Government Bailouts

Gup begins his article by reviewing the history and importance of. The passage into U.S. law on October 3,of the $ billion financial-sector rescue plan is the latest in the long history of U.S.

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Bailout is quite a rare and popular topic for. Essay about Government Bailout for Corporate Failures - Gup () brings out that financial trouble is a periodical concern that occurs to banks, industrial companies and other organizations.

Gup begins his article by reviewing the history and importance of government bailouts for corporate failures. Government Bailout for Corporate Failures Essay Words 6 Pages Gup () brings out that financial trouble is a periodical concern that occurs to banks, industrial companies and other organizations.

discouraged the government from intervening until it was time for a bailout. Thus, bad corporate management, sometimes combined with bad government regulation, may give rise to the need for a bailout.

Government bailout for corporate failures essay
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