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In addition, microfinance is one of the main strategies and has proven to be an effective tool in alleviating poverty. You have to treat every liter of water you throw out. It is characterized by a relatively wet season from May to February and dry season from March to April.

The truth is that some businesses fail simply because proper cost analysis was not carried out prior to starting the business. The labor force also expanded by an average of 3. Just like most of the cost listed above, salaries of employees vary from country to country.

The country will focus on strategic measures and activities, which will spur economic growth and create jobs. The customer base shall be expanded through leveraged selling missions and business matching facilities. Scope and Limitations of the Study This study will determine the feasibility and sustainability of operating a laundry business in Tanjay City.

Place of directional sign post at strategic locations within your neighborhood.


The total land area to be used in building the outlet is about 20 square meters. We have now the most modern laundry equipment which we call Feasibility laundry shop tunnel washers.

The method is ideal for the study because it deals with business start-up concerns in areas Feasibility laundry shop marketing, production, management, legal, socio-economic and finance. It has a land area of This is the reason why you stand a chance of making a lot of money because this people will definitely seek your services.

The business services industry is a new market strategy for economic development that will strengthen the local economic programs of Tanjay City. Do a house-to-house sales call and let your neighbors know that you are in business.

With five machines, we started doing our own laundry in a small place in Makati in Will the proposed project be feasible from, marketing aspects point of view. The development in this plan involves economic prosperity in a free and open market. As a matter of fact, some entrepreneurs back — out after conducting detailed cost analysis of the business they intend starting.

This development plan shall be fully applied and the strategy on credit terms and product improvement will be practiced.

Feasibility Study of a Laundry Business Essay Sample

Taking Nigeria as a case study, an average employee that works in a dry cleaning firm earns about 25, to 40, naira per month to USD. Laundry chore was first done in water courses, letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells.

The business is serving to all clients with all the types of clothes and cloths used.

You may decide to get a franchise to reduce the level of risk but this may result in lesser control over your business and additional overhead in the form of royalties and all other expenses. Or better still, you can lease or rent equipment and run your business until you are bouyant enough to buy your own equipment outright.

The vertical specialization and vertical integration of manufacturing and service facilities between existing garment manufacturer and textile milling companies will be accelerated by providing financing assistance, management services, skills training and enabling legislation.

Rugged areas can also be found in Barangays Bahi-an and Sta. This is how it works, give every customer a special card when they patronize you and ask them to bring the cards back once it has gotten to a number say 12 or 24 and then exchange the cards with free services or gifts or even coupons et al.

Starting a Laundry from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

You may also service residents of boarding houses, dormitories, and temporary shelters. Basically you would need a washing machine, dryer, industrial iron, pressing table, generator, shelve and hangers, supply of detergents, starch, bleach and nylon.

A good way to start is by placing door hangers on apartment building doors. It is simply, you can decide to give wash and iron two clothes for free for every dozen of clothes a customer brings and paid for. Basically clothes are made of different materials such as silk, cotton, sertin, nylon and wool and each of them serve different purposes for the comfort ability of human.

The analysis is limited to 1 one year operations period and takes into consideration existing laundry shops and dry cleaning services in Tanjay City.

Each machine did kilos for one-and-a-half-hours. This Act, which is a consolidation of House Bill No. You have to include a list of your services and offer coupons to your new customers. The area is accessible for transportation and consumers. You will be so amazed at the income you will generate when you include this as your business offering.

According to the census, it has a population of 72, people in 14, households or an average household size of 5. On the average, the cost of starting and running a standard laundry business with basic commercial laundry equipments in a decent location would range from 2.

Tourism Tanjay City is also known for its Tourism Program which started in the late s.Winona ORC Laundry Feasibility Study May David H. Trickett Management and Consulting. Why conduct a feasibility study?

As the name implies, a business feasibility study is an analysis of the viability for a new or expanding business venture. The feasibility study helps to answer the essential question.

Feasibility Laundry Shop Essay Project Summary A. Name of the Business A business name is one of the most essential things to be prepared in starting a business. The proposed name of the business is “I Laba ü” Laundry Shop. FEASIBILITY STUDY List of opportunities: * Barber Shop * Sari-Sari Store * Water Refilling Station * T-shirt Printing * Photocopy Booth * School Supplies * Bakeshops * Internet Café * Laundry Shop Analysis of Opportunities * Barber Shop.

Do you need a sample laundry business plan template or feasibility study? Do you want to know what it takes to build a successful laundry business? If YES, then i advice you read on. Starting a Laundry Shop Business from Home (Drycleaning) –. Jan 01,  · Laundry Shop -The location of the place has been a business spot before -The business is located at the main road want amount of capital -Promotion strategies such as leaflets and website is a good one to attract not only the residents of but also the community outside the subdivision Opportunities Laundry Shop more /5(70).

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