Essay on impact of industries on environment

The industrial wastes should be subjected to proper treatment before their discharge. Organizations, working in the hospitality industry should meet all the requirements to preserve proper environment. The urbanization and the rapid growth of industrialization are causing through environmental pollution the greatest harm to the plant life, which in turn causing harm to the animal kingdom and the human lives.

Countries, around the world, are promoting the use of on environment friendly electronic vehicles. The waste generated in an industry during washing and processing of raw materials is known as process waste. Some participants of the hospitality industry benefit from tourism, while others do not.

But it is heartening to find the entire world aware of the menace. And, it is here that man first began losing control and became victim of his own creations. Tourism growth leads to increased local demand for commodity products and the development of local markets in each sector Frechtling, Environment Protection Act should be strictly followed and the destroyer of the environment should be strictly punished.

Selection of Industry Site: Reasons for environmental concern Transportation of international tourists is now carried out by planes, which annually consume a huge amount of kerosene.

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With the scientific and industrial development, we had to adopt a vigorous industrial policy. Negative Impact of Industrialization Mechanized, heavy and large-scale industries have negative impact which adversely affects the environment, society and economy of this country.

In Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Research, second edition. Positive economic impacts of tourism Examples of negative impact of tourism on the environment are numerous, but at the same time, tourism can have a positive impact and contribute to the sustainable development, providing welfare and social progress.

Without air and water the earth would be like the other planets — no man, no animals, no plants. Simultaneously, the development of tourism depends mainly on the quality of the environment and natural diversity.

Many crusaders against environmental pollution are vehemently protesting against the indiscriminate violations committed daily in the name of development. Fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are key causes of environmental pollution.

Even our flora and fauna were found to be threatened with extinction. The introduction of harmful chemicals into air leads to air-pollution. There are many endangered species of both plants and animals. Household and commercial waste pollutes the environment when not disposed of properly.

Types of employment in the tourism sector are varied, ranging from work in hotels, ending the tour guides and taxi drivers. Nature and territories of attention of tourists are vulnerable and fragile, and recreational resources are finite, they are irreplaceable and have limited opportunities.

Essay on the Impact of Human Activities on Environment

The introduction of heavy industries have both positive and negative impact on Indian society and economy. In case of animals, the pollutants enter in two steps. Out of the degenerating effects of heavy industries is born contention.

The radiations from radioactive substances used in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons can have significant impact on genetic materials of body DMA, RHA etc.

The extent, to which these products are manufactures or assembled in this particular area, provides an economic impact on the local economy.

For some people wilderness provides an appropriate quality of life, while for others, this is an incentive to travel around the world to see natural attractions Johnson and Barry, The water we drink the vegetables are all contaminated to-day.

The Impacts of Tourism on Natural Resources. Disturbing the natural cycle and natural regeneration processes, and destroying underbrush undergrowth reduces biological activity of the soil and stands density.

Industrial Pollution: Types, Effects and Control of Industrial Pollution

Being one of the highest and the most dynamic sectors of the economy, tourism takes only the second place after oil production and refining. All these are well-balanced to ensure and help a healthy growth of life in the animal world.

It affects all plant, human and animal life in a negative way. Initiatives The UN Conference on Human Environment was convened to study the profound changes in the relationship between man and his environment in the wake of modern scientific and technological developments.

Besides causing immense disturbances, there are increasing case of pulmonary tuberculosis and thrombosis and various sorts of brain and heart complications.

In the modern age efficient agricultural system is that, which is done with the help of machine and mechanical devices. The major types of environmental pollution are air pollutionwater pollution, noise pollutionthermal pollutionsoil pollution and light pollution.

Revenues from tourism are growing, adding to the national budget. The main reason for the increase of the island population was the development of infrastructure construction of ports, expansion of the network of roads, dykes, etc. The silk produced by the village-weavers had been a source of attraction all over the world.Free Essay: Impact of Industrialization on Environment OVERVIEW Centuries ago, when there was no active expanding of large cities and industries, nature was.

Mechanized, heavy and large-scale industries have negative impact which adversely affects the environment, society and economy of this country. Essay on Impact of Green Revolution ; Cottage Industries in India: Meaning, Necessity, Impact, Advantages, Disadvantages and Solution.

Free Essay: Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the Environment Human population growth on this planet has followed a long, slow J-curve shape leading up. Environmental Pollution can have devastating effects on sea life, on crops and on human health.

It affects all plant, human and animal life in a negative way. Almost all of our gains in the fields of industrial progress, science and technology had so far been realized at the cost of our health.

Free Essay: The Impact of Construction on the Environment Introduction The construction industry impacts on the environment in a number of ways, both.

Free Essay: Impact of Industrialization on the Environment During the past several hundred years, humans have begun to industrialize rapidly. Tons of new.

Essay on impact of industries on environment
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