Destruction of coral reefs essay

In tropical seas many kinds of coral animals and marine organisms such as coral polyps, calcareous algae, shell-forming creatures and lime-secreting plants live in large colonies. The potential yield of fish from coral reef waters is estimated to be in the region of 9 million tons — more than 10 percent of the global level Crump More Essay Examples on Geography Rubric Coral reefs rival tropical rainforests in species richness and diversity.

On the inside of the reefs, sand and limestone debris collect and palm trees like coconuts may grow.

Essay on Coral Reefs

The biggest problem for reefs come from the water and its contents. The symbiotic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae can only exist within the narrow band of environmental conditions found in tropical and subtropical waters.

Human activities such as pollution from the pesticides, herbicides as well as other agricultural activities can interfere with the water catchment areas hence leading to the loss of the coral reef.

15 Causes of Coral Reef Destruction – Effects

Tourism, while relying on the appeal of coral reefs, can be damaging when careless divers trample on corals or break off pieces as souvenirs. Nearly one-third of all fish species live on coral reefs, while others are dependent on reefs and seagrass beds for various stages in their life cycles.

They are facing great problems rising from human activity.

Coral Reef Destruction Essay

The higher percentage of the threat of the coral reefs is made up of the human threats. Other than the human activities, natural activities that lead to the degradation of coral reefs are uncontrollable. One of the most well known is the nuclear bomb test in the southwest Pacific by France and the United States.

National Ocean and Coastal Policy. Suvadiva in the Maldives, west of Ceylon, have a lagoon over 40 miles across. If the coral was healthy, then the fisheries will increase.

Water Pollution The drainage flow containing fertilizers and impurities that are wasted into coastal velocities encourages the growth of algae that will inhibit coral polyp growth, reducing intake of light and oxygen.

As a rule they thrive well only in the warmer tropical seas. Because the more people in it, the more damage they cam meke. Coral polyps — the animals that build reefs — are the master builders of the sea, constructing their homes upon the remains of their predecessors.

But, unfortunately human mining activity may damage the sea ecosystem. Many environmental factors can lead to their demise. The author explains that most of the coral reefs have been degraded beyond repair worldwide, and within the next ten to twenty years severe damage will occur on the coral reefs if no possible solutions are done.

Where it lies above the water level and sand can accumulate on it, a little vegetation is possible. When sea temperatures rise very high, coral polyps lose their symbiotic algae inside, thus changing their color to white and eventually dying.

Origin of Coral Reefs 3. The tourists who picked up, collected, kicked, and walked on the reefs contributed to the destruction of coral reefs. Today many reefs have 40 to 50 percent less coral than they did just 30 years ago.

But tragically, coral reefs are in crisis. Some of the people suggest before they actually dive, they need to study more bout the coral reefs and the ocean creatures. The number of coral species in each reef varies: The reef-building corals survive best under the following conditions: This can be done by encouraging them to use suitable methods of fishing.

Another destructive activity is the collection of corals for sale to tourists. Threat to Coral Reefs. The effect of their productivity would be the sea ecosystem.

Coral Reefs Essay

More recent researches by oceanographers have revealed that the ocean floor has, in fact, been subjected to subsidence especially in the Pacific. Matt Kieffer Bleaching leaves corals vulnerable to disease, stunts their growth, affects their reproduction, and can impact other species that depend on the coral communities.Coral Reefs essaysAs many know, coral reefs are a type of underwater environments.

On the contrary to what most people may think though, coral reefs are made up of many living things. They also provide a home to a plethora of.

Coral reef destruction is rampant for a variety of reasons. As coral reefs are natural barriers between land and sea, the benefits they provide are many. Essay on The Destruction of the Ocean and its Effects “ Coral reefs cover an area of less than a quarter of one percent of all the earth's marine environment, yet they are one of the world's most diverse habitats, supporting one third of all fish species.

Essay on Coral Reef Destruction Revolution. This Coral Reefs Essay This is a piece of expository writing about coral reefs. I taught it fitting to Coral reefs are colonies of tiny animals found in marine waters that contain few nutrients.

Coral reefs are colonies of individual animals called polyps, which are related to sea anemones. The polyps, which have tentacles to feed on plankton at night, play host to zooxanthellae, symbiotic algae that live within their tissues and give the coral its color.

Coral Reef Destruction Essay - Coral reefs are well known for their colorful array of marvelous sights including a parade of exotic flora and fauna.

Destruction of coral reefs essay
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