Comm 210 midterm study guide

comm 210 midterm study guide

Line managers resent direction from those who are not familiar with local conditions. New directive techniques eventually become inappropriate for a complex organization.

Must find a new leader. Founding of the company, focus is on making and selling new product. New coordination systems Red-tape crisis: Organization has become too large and complex to be managed through for programs and rigid systems.

Functional organizational structure to seperate manufacturing from marketing activities and job assignments become increasingly specialized. Long hours of work are rewarded by modest salaries and the promise of ownership benefits.

Growth is not inevtibale. Management wants to lead the company like before. Move toward delegation reponsibilites are passed down.

Organizational growth is characterized as a series of developmental phases. Encourage experimenting with new practices, educational programs to train managers, less staff experts headquarters, self-control and self-discipline replace forma; control, more flexible and behavioural approach to management.

And staff complain about uncooperative and uniformed line managers. New manager assumes most of the responsibility for direction, lower-level supervisors are treated more as functional specialists rather than autonomous decision makers.

In research of organizational development, we notice 5 key dimensions: As the company grows, creativity becomes the problem, when production increases, a larger knowledge is required.

Organizations should not try to skip phases. Managers have a greater authority and are able to penetrate larger markets, respond faster to customers and develop new products.

Criticism of bureacratic systems arise. Greater responsibilities are given t omanagers, profit centers and bonuses used to motivate employees, top-level executives limit managing, communication from top is infrequent. Conflict between leaders intensify.

The companies that move ahead find a new solution in use of special coordination techniques. Accounting systems for inventory and purchasing, incentives, budgets, and work standards are adopted.Principles of Public Relations Exam 1 Study Guide - 25 cards Principles of Public Relations Exam 1 Study Guide - HIstory - 17 cards Probabilty and Sampling - 11 cards.

Kyle Nobrega Da Camara COMM Midterm Study Guide Claims: A claim is the major conclusion of a piece of writing that the author is trying to persuade you to accept Explicitly or implicitly stated Likely locations Cue words: therefore, thus, in summary, I believe that, clearly, in short () Unproblematic claims Consistent with our own.

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COMM Midterm BSU. Intrapersonal Communication. Interpersonal Communication. Communications Study Guide. Reciprocity. Fundamentals of Public Communication COMM Communications Summer study guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker Caitlyn Ruotanen at Ball State University on Mar 17 and has been viewed times.

Browse this and other COMM. View Test Prep - Comm Midterm Study Guide from COMM at Ball State University. COMM Midterm Study Guide What are the different levels of communication? 1. Intrapersonal communication 2.

Comm 210 midterm study guide
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