Bloom ball book report

A VERY popular resource all teachers must have! Your students will have fun as they work together to write, draw, cut out and glue the edges of the circles together to make these colorful reports.

Examples and definitions are given on each page. The biography report is one students create about themselves. Bloom Ball Reports Use with any fiction, nonfiction or subject.

Bloom Ball Reports

Students, teachers and parents LOVE these reports! Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.

Poetry Task Cards Even your reluctant students will join in the fun! Based on the latest Bloom Taxonomy verbiage. For that reason, always check your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox.

Similes Metaphors and More Use with any book or story! All time favorite activity of students, their parents and teachers. Have a Game Day! Not for public display on school websites, blogs or other websites.

These activities are currently being used by students in grades 4 - 12 and are easily modified to accommodate a wide range of readers.

An informational article about World War II for pre reading, activities, was added with questions and answers. Rubrics for both reports. All rights reserved by author. Rate my resource and tell me how you use this resource or the grade level you teach.

Encourages students to read different genre. Use with any fantasy book or story! These reports encourage higher-level thinking and make colorful year round classroom displays!

Also included are maps of Europe and Denmark with questions and answers. Use the activities in this packet to keep your students focused as they watch videos in class. Permission to copy, for single classroom use only.The Book Ball Book Report.


Novel Book Report Project-- Bloom Ball Craft Activity

Harvey. Due Date: _June 10, _____ You will read a free-choice book and then put your knowledge and creative skills into action. Bloom Ball Book Report. Boy of the Painted Cave. Name/Block: _____ Due: _____ For this project you will be creating a bloom ball to represent the Elements of Plot.

You will need to refer to your Elements of Plot Flip Chart that we created in class. We will work on this in class for 4 days; then the rest should be completed at home.

This 3D craft activity is a perfect culminating project or book report for a novel study or literature circle.

The following is included: Directions for assembly Direction sheet for each section of the Bloom Ball Small sized circles Larger circles RUBRIC for4/5().

NAME Period Bloom’s Ball Project: A Creative Book Analysis. Directions for completion: Carefully cut out the circles (you will be given each week). “Bloom Ball” Book Report In order to complete this project, you’ll need to complete 12 circles with the following information on.

Bloom Ball Reports A Bloom Ball report is based on Blooms Taxonomy that encourages higher level thinking. Your students will have fun as they work together to write, draw, cut out and glue the edges of the circles 4/5().

Bloom ball book report
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