An exploratory study of student nurses

Annual Review of Nursing Education ; 3: Empathy of intensive care nurses and critical care family needs assessment.

An exploratory study of student nurses’ empathy

The value of training in empathy is obvious in the results of the present study. The authors and bilingual researchers resolved any inconsistency so as the scale was consistent with the Greek culture and language without losing intended key concepts.

The mean score of the single item scale indicates that nursing students self-assessed their emotional understanding higher than the overall mean score of their empathy level.

Participants were studying general nursing in a nursing school of a Technical Educational Institute which belongs to the higher education system in Greece.

However being the first study in Malawi, conducted with a limited sample the researcher was able to get the required information from the experienced participants.

An Exploratory Study of Student Nurses’ Perceptions of Gender

Reynolds WJ, Scott B. Consent to publish Availability of data and materials Data supporting the findings is contained within the manuscript.

In this study some students explained that they were motivated to attain the skills because they had knowledge which they gained from theory, and they wanted to achieve by practicing those skills. Introduction Over the last three decades, there has been growing interest of exploring the concept of empathy in relation to patient care.

It is therefore important that students should have an initiative for their own learning but at the same time the clinical environment should be conducive to allow learners to practice. The scale is a self-administered item psychometrically validated scale designed to measure empathy of nursing students.

Similarly [ 22 ], in their study also found similar results whereby nurses who had low education level felt that student did not need to be assisted as they felt inferior unlike the nurses who were highly educated as they were able to identify the needs of students.

It has been conceptualized in a variety of ways, including as a natural and intrinsic trait and as a learned phenomenon [ 2 ].

Journal of Psychiatric Mental health Nursing ; 9 4: This in turn provides evidence based practice that improve outcome in the future hence excellence in health care. Furthermore, a seven point scale was developed in which respondents asked to self-assessing their ability to understand emotionally their patient.

Data analysis Descriptive and inferential statistics were undertaken in analysing the data.

Becker H, Sands D. Empathy is the capacity to participate vicariously and understand the experience and emotions of others [ 34 ].

The authors and the three other nurse researchers compared the original English version with the back translated Greek version to detect inconsistencies.

However, these differences were not statistically significant. Academic Medicine ; 84 9: A longitudinal study design from 1st semester of nursing students, following them into their final year of study, would provide invaluable information about curricula content which could be revised whenever considered necessary.An exploratory study: Student nurses' perceptions of professionalism this gap has provided an opportunity to explore the next generation of nurses' perceptions of professionalism within the context of contemporary society.

It is evident that the student nurses in this study experienced a degree of frustration at the disparity between. What is the relationship between occupational position and the level of empathy of critical care nurses?

For the purpose of this study, empathy is defined as a central focus and feeling with and in the client's world. Background: Though several studies have identified nurses' empathy levels there are few studies investigating student nurses' empathic ability.

The aim of the study was to explore nursing students. MEDLINE Abstract. Printer-Friendly; Email This; An exploratory study: student nurses' perceptions of professionalism. It appears that final. An exploratory study of student nurses empathy, Ouzouni Christina. An Exploratory Study: Reducing Nursing Students Stress Levels Facilitate Perceived Quality of Patient Care.

An exploratory study of student nurses
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