An analysis of the song waterfalls by tlc

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T.L.C. Waterfalls- and the sad sad truth behind the song.

A man is seen looking into a mirror which almost gives the audience a perspective which sees him differently to how he sees himself. Trivial and uninteresting threads might be deleted. The performance "was theatrical and kept true to the lyrical story.

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The colour also represents the danger that the boy later gets himself into. Alessi and Gabrielle Bramford. He tries to hug his mother as she is walking down the streets, every time he tries to hug her she walks right through him.

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The connotations of the colour red can be associated in this case with vulnerability and the love that she has for her son.

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Entertainment Weekly described the song as a " Prince -inspired ballad" that "hint[s] at the artistic greatness TLC might achieve if freed from commercial concerns.“Waterfalls” is a Grammy-nominated single by TLC from their second album CrazySexyCool and arguably the group’s signature song.

The song was produced by Organized Noize and written by Marqueze Etheridge, TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Organized Noize.

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Aug 18,  · Artist:TLC Song:Waterfalls Album:CrazySexyCool Year i dont own this song. Artist:TLC Song:Waterfalls Album:CrazySexyCool Year i dont own this song TLC - Waterfalls ( "Waterfalls" is a song by American recording group TLC.

It was written by band member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes with Marqueze Etheridge and Organized Noize for TLC's second album, CrazySexyCool (), featuring production by the latter. Many people are saying that the song is about a boy getting AIDS from an infected girl, but really, this song can relate in any situation.

Though the example used in the song. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the. Our Word an analysis of the song waterfalls by tlc of the Year choice serves as a symbol of .

An analysis of the song waterfalls by tlc
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