Airport security rights or necessity essay

The CCTV cameras have been placed in proper way and at many places more than one camera have been used so that if somebody breaches a security requirement, his or her face and back and every other aspect may become clearly visible.

He could simply shut the gate to the sheep pen, but instead he sets steel jaw traps inside the pen. When lives are at stake, personal freedom has to take a back seat for a while, but common sense must still be exercised. For example, specially trained dogs can smell explosives or armory lubrication, but it is doubtful passengers would like to be examined by such dangerous beasts.

An online search for WBI scanner sample images provides a vast amount of non-colored pictures, from which one can only understand whether a passenger was male or female, and whether they were carrying prohibited items with them. A terrorist attack is terrible, and generally brief unless a full scale war is declared.

If we can implement this technology to make our processing time through the airport, more convenient, less harassing, less time consuming, and less degrading, most individuals will not feel so violated anymore.

The building designed for cargo inspection is easily accessible by contractors, commercial entities and employees Aviation transportation System Security Plan, Unfortunately, it is often conjugated with privacy violation and other similar issues.

Airlines seem to enjoy implementing restrictions for the sole purpose of making air travel difficult and annoying.

Airport Security and Challenges

Though airplane flights are considered to be among the safest ways of traveling, they are usually connected to a number of risks aggravated by the vulnerability of the aircraft and its passengers. How strange then that we should allow our government to trample them. Up to 3 of the passengers can be screened simultaneously in the hand-wand inspection station Aviation transportation System Security Plan, These security measures have caused massive protests from civil rights organizations and citizens, who assessed them as a serious privacy violation of passengers—a rude intrusion of their personal space.

The area provides complete privacy along with sufficient space so that a passenger and two screeners, a chair, a search table and some more equipment may be placed in that.

However, the more reasonable claim against WBI scanners deals with potential health issues; since WBIs emit ionizing radiation, they may be dangerous for people who use airplanes often.

Passengers will undergo additional screening if they set off the alarm on the metal detector, or if they are chosen for additional screening. It seems like we are applying one hundred pounds of cure, where an ounce of prevention is needed.

Studies indicate that even with advanced scanners, the poor people that are employed to stare at the screens have a pretty poor chance of detecting a real bomb.

Airport Security

None of the pre-existing security measures prevented well-trained suicidal fanatics from getting on flights with legal knives and turning the planes into manned cruise missiles. This brings me to the conclusion of this plan leading to a better-rounded more satisfied consumer base. Dozens of women have complained of being groped or subjected to demeaning sexual remarks by male security screeners at airports around the world and country.

No person can enter or leave the terminal without proper security screening. The Airport design includes proper access point for the cargo screening, access points for the employees and contractors, there is enough space for additional technology to be used for screening cargo, or to fulfill staffing requirements.

Security officers properly screens and scans the passengers and their carry baggage.

Are Security Measures in Airports Humiliating?

And, unfortunately, the complete refusal from inspecting passengers and letting them board on planes like on railway trains—as it had happened in the s Annenberg Classroom —is impossible today. Something I learned while I was still in kindergarten is that while it may be wonderful and macho to fight your enemies, it is usually easier not to anger them in the first place.

Bodouva, Architects and Planners" Retrieved 26 July from http: The Metal Detector After passing the X-ray machine screening, the passengers will next walk through a metal detector.

These methods are often treated as humiliating and degrading, especially by passengers with increased modesty, vulnerability, or sensitivity, and may result in the alienation of people and making them feel distrust towards governments, whose duty is to protect them. Finally, I will persuade readers that with less compromising systems travelers will soon turn understanding and be thankful towards the officials trying to keep them safe.

If at any check point, if a person refuses to go through screening, he will not be allowed to have entry beyond the screening area.

Aviation Security Necessity of a&nbspResearch Paper

One popular idea for improved airplane safety is to allow poorly trained pilots to carry guns on planes. Security personnel have been known to frisk children barely old enough to walk. They may be fanatical and violent, but they are far from stupid.

The aim of my extended argument examines the possible changes within airports so they can further protect us, the people, and lead to a more satisfactory client base. In the unlikely event of a Hollywood style airport take-over, soldiers wearing their jungle fatigues and silly haircuts would present easy targets.Due to the tragedy of September 11, airport security became more restrictive for airport personnel and travelers.

The events of this day had put a spotlight on one of the many weaknesses within our transportation system. Essay about airport security Words | 4 Pages. New Airport Security Equipment and Techniques Flight by humans is an unnatural occurrence that our species has mastered, or at least somewhat mastered.

Within the aviation industry there are inherent risks that come with operating and or flying aboard an aircraft. Thesis Statement: Minimum Wage And Airport Security (Essay Sample) Instructions: Final Argumentative Essay we discuss about Minimum wage and Airport Security.

Write: For this assignment, review the Annotated Bibliography Formatting Guidelines and address the following prompts: the importance of further research, and ethical. View this research paper on Aviation Security Necessity of a. 'The International Outreach Plan' provides a comprehensive framework to solicit international support.

Are Security Measures in Airports Humiliating? Though airplane flights are considered to be among the safest ways of traveling, they are usually connected to a number of risks aggravated by the vulnerability of the aircraft and its passengers. Airport Security is a necessity of Life both in America and through out the world.

Airport Security Essay

Without airport security our airports would not be able to function and terrorist attacks resembling those of September 11th,would be more common place.

Airport security rights or necessity essay
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